Android cpu spy no deep sleep

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Thread Deleted Email Thread. Just wondering if deep sleep shows in CPU spy with this phone?

Android OS sucking up all the battery.-ZEML(ZenFone 2)

Its always appearing as an unused state and I believe its destroying my battery life. Tried Better battery stats but it isnt showing any serious wake locks.. Was doing the same on slickricks 4. Tampa, FL. Join Date: Joined: May No, it works fine.

Android cpu spy no deep sleep

Mine absolutely goes into deep sleep BUT, never when the power is plugged in. Only on battery. I had a similar issue where no wakelocks showed, and no deep sleep but it turned out to be a cool sidebar app I had installed. Sidebar Lite I ended up uninstalling it and the issue went away. Pity cause I liked the idea of that app too. OP Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Jun Re: [Q] deep sleep on CPU spy?

Tell me how to solve the problem already, goddamn!

Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Nov Postulo forklift ad portandum iste. Thanks Meter : 1, Join Date: Joined: Dec My Devices: Nexus 6 , Essential Phone. Re: [Q] no deep sleep on CPU spy on clean install.. Pie controls disabled. Was sleeping fine on previous build I think something in Cyanogenmod or aokp changed recently Are there other apks? It's an addon like Sidebar. Sidebar never let the phone go to deep sleep because it was always monitoring the side of the screen.

Android cpu spy deep sleep

The Android Sensor Hub is special because it's hooked directly into a signs he is cheating phone phone's sensors. Best of all Apps Apk site,. Cued up to the android cpu spy deep sleep start of the Sensor Hub talk.

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The Android Sensor Hub is special because it's hooked directly into a phone's sensors.